Charles Phoenix LIVE!

Where and When

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Friday, November 9.
8:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Event Details

Location: Jaastad & Knipe designed 1954 Lutheran Church

115 North Tucson Boulevard 

Tucson, Arizona 85716 


The Charles Phoenix Big Retro Slide Show is a deep-fried and delicious mix and mash-up of the very best of Phoenix's massive collection of flea market-found vintage Kodachrome slides. Together with his infectious enthusiasm and keen eye for oddball detail, Phoenix roasts and toasts mid-century tourist traps, theme parks, space age suburbia, car culture, festive fashions and color! 

Charles also reveals his “best of” guide to Tucson landmarks, legends and lore! Be prepared for your local and national pride to SWELL!

About Charles Phoenix: Ontario, California native Charles Phoenix loves to celebrate mid-century life and style. For more than 12 years, his massive collection of flea market-found vintage slides have inspired his live Retro Slide Show performances, "Slide of the Week" Facebook postings, and colorful coffee table books – including Southern California in the 50s and Americana the Beautiful. Phoenix has appeared on The Conan Show, The Martha Stewart Show and is a frequent contributor to NPR.


In addition to his popular slide show performances and school bus "field trip" tours, Phoenix is the original creator of pie-cake combo dessert, the Cherpumple, the Astro Weenie Christmas Tree and other culinary inventions.


"So hilarious we wish his show would last forever" – LA Weekly 

"Call him the King of Retro, ruling over a bygone era" – Los Angeles Times

"He joyfully mines America's past through its fashion and design..." -– New York Times