American Necktie

Where and When

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Saturday, November 10.
12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

Event Details

Location: Wørner Bas designed 1961 Murphey Building

2936 East Broadway Boulevard

Tucson, Arizona 85716   

Ron Spark, M.D., presents the lecture “The Forties Necktie: An Expression of American Modernism.” WWII put a strangle hold on European fashion dictation and American neckware designers were ready to stick their necks out with highly expressive, individualistic and culturally self-referential ties accessible to every man.  What were its historic origins? How much did it brake from past designs and materials? How did post-WW II socio-economics and contemporary issues play in its thematic? Why did it disappear and recycle in the late 80’s? What is the 40’s tie legacy today?

Spark, author of “Fit-to Be Tied: Vintages Ties of the Forties and Early Fifties”, has lectured and curated of museum shows on the great 40’s cravat as part of his interest in American Popular Culture.  His design pursuits include Midcentury expressions, past ownership of Checker Taxis, and Southwest Architecture. Spark’s current advocacies include Downtown Tucson vitality, Broadway Corridor and Mass Transit. For eleven years he moderated and produced “Prescription For Health” an Am Talk radio and Cable TV program. He is a member of the University of Arizona Medical School Faculty and practices as Medical Director of Laboratories.